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Purple Bread and Purple Foods

Some foods naturally contain a number of ingredients. These foods, which have the potential to improve physical and mental health, have been proven by scientific and clinical studies of their positive effects on our body, are called Functional Foods.

Fruits and vegetables, which enrich your tables with different colors such as rainbows, are indispensable for a strong immune system because they are a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Red & purple is a pigment called anthocyanin found in vegetables and fruits and gives them their color.

Blueberry, Sour black mulberry, pomegranate, cherry, eggplant, BlackBerry, red onion peel extracts by the purification of anthocyanin using advanced and high technological methods, Mormix, the essence of purple bread, is obtained.

Natural and unadulterated Purple Bread enriched with purple components is a powerful antioxidant store.

Because of its low glycemic index, Purple Breadand all purple foods balance our blood sugar levels, reducing our diabetes-related complaints, repairing our cells, and helping prevent cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

Our purple foods, which every person over the age of 4 can consume safely, can contribute to a healthier and healthier life.

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